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Automobile Alignments are a very important part of Addison Auto Body and Glass collision repair process. After you get into a car accident there is the obvious damage of the outside panels but in most cases your suspension has been compromised as well.  At Addison Auto Body we use Hunter Computerized 4 Wheel Alignment to get your automobile driving the way it should again!  Any Alignment has seven measurements that need to be taken of your suspension.  The Caster, the Camber, and Toe, Thrust Angle, Setback, and Ride Height. We get into a bit more detail on how these measurements work below:

1# Caster

Tire Caster


The caster is the tilt of the steering axis either backward or forward. A backward tilt is measured (+) positive and a forward tilt is measured (-) negative.  The casters main purpose is for the directional control of steering.  A common cause of caster alignments is overloading a vehicle over it recommended weight limit.


2# Camber & Toe


Camber is the measurement of the tilting of the wheels from a front side view of the automobile.  A outward tilt is measured (+) and an inward tilt is measure as (-) negative. Camber also controls direction of your wheel and also is a factor in faster tire wearing.

Toe is a measurement of the relation of the front and rare wheels and how they are turned inward or outward towards each other. An inward tilt measure measurement is (+) positive and and outward tilt measurement is (-). The toe measurement is to make sure that all four of your wheel are parallel to each other 


3# Thrust Angle, Setback, Ride Heights 


Automobile Alignment


Thrust Angle is an angle measurement between the center line and the thrust line.  A thrust angel measurement to the left is considered (-) negative and the the right is considered (+) positive. An issue with the thrust angle is the main cause of a crooked steering wheel.

Setback measurement is between the 2 front wheels and how they are balanced in relation to each other. A right wheel further back from the left is measured (+) positive and a left wheel further back from the right is considered (-) negative.

Ride Height is the distance between the chassis and the ground.


Addison Auto Body and Glass employs ASE Certified Technicians that are trained in digital wheel alignment technology.  Get you car worked on correctly by the properly trained staff at Addison Auto  Body and Glass. Call or come in today!