Tips for Driving on Wet Roads

As the summer and fall season closes, then, of course, the rain and snow start to pour in. Nobody likes to drive in the rain, especially because it can be dangerous. In fact, thousands of car accidents each year are caused by driving in wet conditions. However, it does not have been this way. At Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc., we have compiled some auto shop advice we would like to share with you to help ensure your safety on the roads when the weather gets bad. And in case something goes wrong, rest assured we offer towing services and auto repair in Elmhurst, IL.

  • Turn on your headlights: The first thing you should do when you are driving in the rain is to turn on your headlights, even during the day. The pouring water can easily hinder visibility, and your lights and provide that extra aid to see what is ahead of you.
  • Check if your tires are properly inflated: Your tires correct air pressure is usually specified by the vehicle manufacturer and can be found on the vehicle’s door edge, door port, fuel door, or glove box. It can also be listed on the vehicle’s manual. The number found is not the recommended air pressure for your tire, but it is the maximum air pressure for the tire. Check your tires at least once a month to ensure your safety, costly repairs, and headaches down the road.
  • Clear your windows: To keep your windows clear and visible, turn on the air-con which will dry out their air. Aim the vents towards the windows and turn the heat up. The hot air will dry the glass through evaporation, however, the air will then cool down and condense on the glass. Therefore, keep the air conditioning on to keep the atmosphere dry.Auto Wheel Services
  • Slow down and keep distance: These two go hand in hand. When you are driving down wet roads, it can cause your vehicle to hydroplane if you are driving too fast. Instead, maintain a speed below 35 mph which can reduce your chances to swerve. Although, take extra caution when you are making turns. In addition to slowing down, it is also advised to allow plenty of room to the car in front. This is because wet roads offer less grip than regular surfaces which could lead to your breaks not performing as usual when you need to abruptly stop.
  • Avoid Puddles: Cars and deep water do not work well. Stay away from any gutters wherein there are large amounts of water. If you do come across deep waters, it is best to slow down, maintain control of your steering wheel, and keep the vehicle moving in the right direction.
  • Be alert for debris: Storms can end up leaving plenty of rubbish on the road which can be dangerous. Watch out for any large objects such as tree branches and even smaller things that can cause punctures. Avoid them by driving in another direction to get to your destination.
  • Be patient: Patience is key when it comes to all aspects of driving, especially when it is in wet weather. While your journey could take much longer than usual, it is not worth taking any risks to rush to your destination. Instead, grab a snack and take a quick bathroom break, then stay relaxed and keep focus. Be courteous to others on the road, maintain a steady flow, and safely drive to your destination.

In case you drive in rainy weather, you may now take note of these tips in order for you to keep safe. Otherwise, if you need more information on how to be safe when driving in the rain or you have any related questions regarding towing services or auto repair in Elmhurst, IL, then call our team of professionals at Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc. today.