Quality Characteristics of a Collison Repair Shop

If you have ever been in a car accident, you probably know how terrifying the feeling is. Following an accident, your insurance company will most likely recommend that you bring your car for collision repair in Elmhurst, IL where highly qualified technicians can restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. It is important to take the time and do your research in looking for a shop that can fully restore your car in terms of its looks, safety, and functionality. It requires great skill to be able to do the service properly, especially if the wreck caused major damages. Where you take your car is your choice, not your insurance company.
In order to assure that your vehicle will be returned to its best condition, it is best to look into a few key characteristics when you are searching for collision repair in Elmhurst, IL. A few of them include:
• Experience: You want to look for a collision repair shop that has many years of experience in the industry. You may ask them how long they have been in business, and if they have been in operation for 10 years or more, it means that they have been doing something right.

Proper Training: Collision repair technicians need to follow the standards of the industry. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the repair shop has a team of professionals who have undergone proper training and are certified to do the job.

Good Reputation: When choosing a collision repair shop, you want to make sure they have a good reputation. To find out about the company, you can go online and look for positive reviews. You may also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for ratings. Otherwise, you can simply ask friends, family, or colleagues for recommendations.

Facilities: Depending on what type of vehicle you have, not all repair shops can handle different sizes of vehicles. If you have a large vehicle, ask if they are able to do the job. There are special facilities that have oversized booths if your vehicle is big such as heavy trucks.

Tools and Equipment: If you want your car to be fixed properly, then it is necessary to have a shop that makes use of the latest and most effective tools, equipment, and computer diagnostics.

Good Location and Schedule: For convenience, it is best to look for a shop that is at a good location and open during hours that can work with your schedule. There are a few shops that are open 24/7 while others are open on weekends where you can simply drop off your vehicle and pick it up without any hassle.

Insurance: A collision repair shop should be willing to work alongside your insurance company in order to have the repairs covered by your policy.

Warranty: If a collision repair shop stands behind their work, then they will have no problem offering you a warranty for their repairs as long as you own your vehicle. This comes to show that they believe in their work and if something goes wrong, they will be happy to fix it.
When it comes to collision repair in Elmhurst, IL, it is important that you are working with the finest shop in your area. So if you are looking for a reputable company, you will want to visit Addison Auto Body & Glass, Inc. Our team of professionals offer quality repairs and so much more. Give us a call at 630-543-7972 and speak with our friendly staff about our services or to request an estimate.