Paintless Dent Repair

Addison Auto Body and Glass Inc now offers Paintless Dent Repair.  Its Hail Season in Chicago, and we work with your insurance to get your car fixed right. Did Someone ding your door?  No need to worry! Addison Auto Body & Glass Inc offers expert service Paintless Dent Removal in Oakbrook, IL ans surrounding areas for you!  There are many technical aspects that go into PDR work I will cover a few of them with you: 

paintless dent repair


Yes there is a specialization in auto repair called Dentology.  It is the study of materials and collisions effects on them.  Our expert knows what your car is made of and how to tackle the issue properly so that it is actually a Paintless repair that looks like NOTHING happened!

Mapping Macro and Micro Dynamics

There is a method in how to properly asses the dent and how to properly apply the correct fix to the affected area. These are the main points of that method:


  • Size Factor Mapping (length, depth, location, alloy type, paint)
  • Protruding dynamic denting (rarely do you get dents from the from the interior that show though to the exterior)
  • Perforated Dynamic denting (A dent from the exterior of the car to the interior, ie: Hail)


If you in need of an auto body service in Addison that handles paintless dent repair our team at Addison Auto Body and Glass.  We also offer paint services and PDR in Glendale Heights, IL. To reach us, you may call 630-543-7972.