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We have seen a lot of cars coming in and out of Addison Auto Body throughout the years and we have seen countless bad self auto paint attempts go wrong.  With the invention of how to youtube videos many customers get brave and try to paint their car themselves with absolutely disastrous results. From spray paint the wrong color over a scratch to a sanding job going insanely wrong causing the removal of the side mirror. It is just not worth trying a project like auto paint repair in Bloomingdale to save a couple bucks when it can end up costing you thousands if you damage your car. (Insurance DOESN’T cover you messing up your own automobile, just an FYI) Here are the basic steps we take to paint a car from start to finish:

    • Remove Dents & Trim
      The key to a great long lasting paint job is a smooth surface. We take the time and remove all dents and the trim before we start any paint job. Of course we will quote you before doing any work.  In some cases we remove rust from your automobile as well. We also can offer to replace panels completely if the repair job outweighs the cost of a new panel.
    • Sand and sand it properly
      For the paint to adhere sanding is vital. Without a proper sanding job you paint job will NOT LAST.  We get countless customers coming in for failed paint jobs at another shop. Only second to using inferior paint products, bad sanding jobs are the reason why people have chipping and fading in the future sometimes within months.
    • Clean
      Sanding creates debris which also leads to bad paint jobs, this is why cleaning is also a very important part to the process. To get the smooth surface you have to remove all particulates left from the sanding process.
    • Tape & Prime
      The final part of the setup is taping the edges of your automobiles contours to guarantee sharp lines and proper color application to every part of your cars body. After that we prime the cars surface for the most accurate of color matching and superior quality of our paint work.  
    • Painting your Automobile
      EWe have a highly trained and professional Paint Department. We only use the best paint products available from our friends at PPG. We have a state of the art paint mixing computer and ALWAYS have your color in stock. We upgraded to these products because the results are unmatched or more literally exactly matched to manufacture specifications. Addison Auto Body & Glass also has several fully operational paint station clean rooms that ensure a pure coat of paint without any bumps or bubbles.
    • Buff & Detail
      The final touch is what sets us above all the national body paint shops around Bloomingdale IL. Our process ends with a few steps that ensure your paint job is perfect.  We offer a LIFETIME Warranty on our paint work quote simple because we do it right the first time.  If for some reason it is not up to your quality standards, we make it right!
    Auto Paint Service in Bloomingdale IL
    Professional Auto Paint Service Bloomingdale
    Addison Auto Body and Glass offers world class auto body paint services and auto body repair in Bloomingdale, IL. Call us now at 630-543-7972 . When the quality of your paint job matters, always go to Addison Auto Body.