Exceptional Collision and Auto Body Repair in Bensenville, IL

How Does Collision Repair in Bensenville, IL Work?

Collision and auto body repair in Bensenville, IL is crucial after any road collision accident, whether your car received minor or major damages in the process. Getting your car fixed by reliable automotive experts will ensure that your car will work at its best again and give you peace of mind too, knowing that your vehicle will work safely and efficiently.

More often than not, car owners are not all that familiar on how a collision repair in Bensenville, IL works. To help you out, here are the most common steps on how your car is inspected, repaired, and restored from a nasty collision mishap:

    • Evaluation and Cost Estimates
      Collision repair technicians will give your car a thorough inspection to determine the magnitude of damages, as well as the approximate costs of each necessary repair. The entire process is documented for reference and most of the times, computer estimate systems provide a detailed and more accurate repair estimates.
    • Approval
      Once both parties have discussed needed repairs and agreed on the costs, the actual collision repair now begins. Just keep in mind that there may be instances that additional damages are not apparent during the initial inspection and are only discovered after the teardown. In these cases, you will be informed right away.
    • Disassembly and Parts Order
      Inner structure repairs are often determined at this stage. Now that your technician is well aware of your car’s condition, all parts required for the repair can now be ordered. However, if a teardown of the car is not necessary and your car is still drivable, all the work can be done altogether once the necessary parts for the repair are available.
    • Structure and Body Repair
      Electronic measuring systems are utilized to restore your car back to its factory specifications. All repairs are done in this stage, guaranteeing that your vehicle is structurally and mechanically sound. Afterwards, your car is now prepped for paint and refinishing.
    • Refinishing
      Paintable surfaces are now prepped for paint, primed, and sealed. Proper surface preparation ensures good paint adhesion as well as smooth finish. Once done, the color or base coat is then applied, followed by a clear coat to protect the finish. After curing, all painted surfaces are polished to produce that glossy and brand new look.
    • Reassembly
      All components are now put back together to their original locations. Vehicle systems are checked as well and a test drive ensures that everything is well in place.
    • Detailing and Pre-Delivery
      With all the dirt and dust from the repairs, your car is now given a good and complete wash. Another round of inspections and tests are done as well to ensure that your vehicle is truly restored back to its pre-accident condition. After all these, your car is all set for delivery.
    • Final Inspection
      In this final stage, post-repair inspection is done in your presence, as well as explanations of all the repair work, parts used, and final list of expenses.

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