Is Replacement Better than Auto Glass Repair in Addison, IL?

A crack on the windshield weakens the integrity of the structure, compromising your safety. And the more you delay an auto glass repair in Addison, IL, the more it becomes worse that it might end up requiring not just a repair but a replacement instead. Getting those cracks and nicks repaired as soon as possible will help extend the lifespan of the windshield and keep you and your passengers safer.

Addison Auto Body & Glass is your trusted team of auto glass repair specialists. Regardless if it’s the windshield, mirrors, side glass, rear window, and wraparounds, we have the expertise to fix it. Many times, however, people come to us seeking for a glass repair when a replacement is the better option. So you ask yourself, “Should I repair or replace?” Here are some factors we take into consideration:

Size and Depth
We can repair a chip or crack that is a few inches long. Longer than that, we advise a replacement because a successful repair might not be possible.This is also the preferred method if the damage has reached both layers of the glass.

A repair might leave some discoloration on the windshield, so for cracks that are within the driver’s field of vision, we would suggest a replacement for your own safety. This also goes the same for damages along the edges of the glass. Elsewhere, cracks that are not too long or numerous can be repaired easily by our experts.

Type of Damage
Cracks come in different types, and certain types are more difficult to repair than others. Also, multiple cracks make the situation even more complex. Our team will do a thorough assessment of the damage and decide on the better way to go.

While auto glass repair in Addison, IL is usually the easier and more cost-effective option, there are just instances when a replacement is a must. Let Addison Auto Body’s expert team handle the problem, and you can guarantee the right, quality service that your vehicle requires. For more details on our services, you can give us a call at (630) 543-7972.